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The Perfect Vision

September/October 1999


Janet=s Index




And now a footnote to our interview last issue with Phillip Byrd and Janet Shapiro, producers of classical music television broadcasts.  Janet talked about a terrific show she’d just finished, called Can’t Stop Singing, a documentary about the 60th annual convention and contest of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, held this year in Atlanta, at the Georgia Dome.  A few days ago, she sent me some statistics she’d prepared for the organization’s  board to show them what goes into her work. I asked her if she’d share them here, and she agreed, provided I let her say the following:


“Although the show is a documentary, it contains a lot of straight performance as well.  It exists in two forms: an 81- minute version for pledge time on PBS stations, which airs nationwide on PBS beginning August 11, and also in a slightly longer version that will air at an unspecified time after August without pledge breaks.... There will be a home video version.  My role in the production was Producer and Editor, and I’ve poured my heard and soul into this show.  I want people to watch it!!!”


Which they should – it’s engaging from beginning to end and the quartets look and sound pretty fabulous.


Janet’s stats, for her 87-minute show:


$            Number of field crews: 4, each with its own producer, shooter, audio tech and PA.

$            Number of field tapes: 86 30-minute tapes

$             Amount of time needed to log and transcribe said field tapes: 2 months

$             Number of pages of logs and transcriptions: 591

$             Number of cameras at the Georgia Dome: 5

$             Number of contest tapes: 67 90-minute tapes

$             Amount of time to edit finished program: 2 ˝ months

$            Number of video edits in finished program: 662

$             Number of audio edits in finished program: 361

$             Number of e-mails in my Barbershop folders when I last looked: 202