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The Star Ledger

Wednesday, July 3, 1996



Eye on TV




      There’s lots of music in and on the air tonight, as PBS and Channel 13 come up with a full prime time designed to cool it for at least one of these hot summer nights.                        


      .... The Dallas Symphony Concert at 9, hosted and conducted by Andrew Litton, is another summertime pleasure, with a little bit of heavenly music for everyone.

      Leonard Bernstein’s jouncy jump for joy, “Fancy Free,” the balletic inspiration for his Broadway classic “On the Town,” is a clever leadoff to lure us into the symphonic tent.

      This is followed by violinist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg’s emotionally charged performance of Samuel Barber’s stirring Violin Concerto.  Wow!  What a wild and rewarding performance!

     Finally, Litton finishes off the evening with Ludwig Van’s Seventh Symphony.  Glorious music all – and programs we just don’t get anywhere else.  Doesn’t it make you want to kick in when Channel 13 runs its Begathons?