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June 6, 1986







By Karen S. Peterson


ĎSwaní: Magic in Motion


        When you tune in the Kirov Balletís Swan Lake, you wonít see many picnickers at Wolf Trap in Vienna, Va. And youíll miss the moths.

     But what you will see on this PBS special (Saturday, 8 p.m.; times may vary) is the most impressive dance on TV this season. 

     The productionís wonderful plusses include close-ups of Olga Chenchikova, who dances a strong and even controversial Odette / Odile, and Constantin Zaklinsky, a handsome, virile Siegfried.  Together, they are magic.

     The show captures many special touches, from Russia with love: a Von Rothbart who actually dances; the scene-stealing Jester; and a distinctly Russian interpretation of Tchaikovsky.

    There also are interviews with the company director and the prima ballerina.

     However, the program canít deal adequately with its true star: the incredibly precise corps that dances as one.  And even seven cameras cannot convey the totality of this awesome performance Ė its staging, sets, lighting, special effects and costumes.

     But thatís really nitpicking.  Itís a stunning show and, for you, itís free.